Saturday, March 30, 2013

Firewall Services and Local Area Network (LAN)

Devises should be deployed and provisioned; they should be upgraded and patched to keep up with the latest threats. To guarantee proper access controls are constant with changing business environment, security policies and configurations must be updated. Continuous monitoring of the network traffic should be carried out to identify and respond to threats before any damage is done.

We can help you by providing you with cost effective and at the same time practical and real world protection for your LAN. We secure your network from external attacks together with internal abuses. With our responsive, highly trained and certified security specialists who have a wealth of network infrastructure and IT security knowledge firewall configurations is an effortless layer of protection for workstations on a LAN. We give you the appropriate level of protection needed.

Give us a call and we provide a 24/7 protection on your systems and data. We monitor your firewall infrastructure 24/7 to detect and take action on threats before any harm is done. Our certified security analysts will analyze security and health events across your environment; using global threat intelligence and proven expertise they will assess threats. Any threat detected, our experts will counter the threat immediately to protect your organization.

With our services, the firewall performance is optimized. Our experts will work with your team to ensure peak firewall performance. To ensure appropriate network access and at the same time preserving the integrity and privacy of the organization our team of expertise is tailored to your environment, leveraging the industry best practices.

With our services, we execute all tasks required to make the most of your firewall infrastructure, thereby, alleviating the burden of administering, maintaining and monitoring your appliances. This minimizes your operational overheads, thus allowing you to spend more time and resources on other major initiatives.

Give us a call and the risks of network and service interruptions that result from poorly maintained or improperly configured firewall appliances are gone for good. Our experts keep managed firewall gadgets patched with the latest vendor releases. They use mature operational support systems and procedures like health checks, peer reviews, staging and change validation to ensure auditable and accurate deployment of firewall changes. To ensure fast recovery in the event of firewall hardware or software failure, daily backups are performed.

With our services and our experts managing and monitoring your firewalls, you can comply with the required standards such as ISO. You easily fill compliance gaps requiring perimeter security, log analysis and access control.

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